Tricks and Short Cut to Face and Body Painting

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There are some tricks you could do to get that more professional looking art work with the help of Stencils and Stamps. You could easily find these items from craft stores and they come in many designs. These simple tricks and short cut can make your life a lot easier when dealing with impatient kids or covering a large events.

Stencils are made of thin sheet of material with design cut from it. They are flexible enough to allow bending and follow the contour of the face and body. Stencils are perfect if you are not so confident with your painting skill. It could save a lot of your time to reproduce the same design over and over. It is quick and easy. To use it, simply lay it flat on the area you wish to paint, dip the edge of your sponge in water and paint color, and slowly dab the sponge over the stencil. Make sure to hold the stencil flat and still and cover the whole stencil with paint. Allow it to dry a little and then you could add outlines and glitters to enhance your design. You could also use a brush instead of sponge.

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Stamps are like sponge with design. This is a life saver for big events where you have a long queue of customers. Just load the stamp with paint and carefully press over the skin area you wish to paint. You could use multiple color by rubbing the stamp over the multi-colored cake or by applying different colors directly onto the stamp. You could enhance your design by adding outlines and glitters.

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Stencils and stamps can be used together to come out with really awesome design. For some designs, it’s good to apply a little bit of base before using the stencil or stamp. You can use a contrasting color as your base to make your design standout. Stencils and stamps are reusable. Make sure to clean them and store properly.






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