The Rainbow Glow kit


Rainbow Glow face and body paint kit contains 5 primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black) and 1 glitter.Not enough colors? Not to worry. Rainbow Glow knows you will need lots of different colors for your paint work. The primary colors can be easily mixed to create a new color (e.g. Red and Yellow will give you Orange). This allows the user to control the intensity of the combined color. So if you like darker Orange then you can add more Red to it. So with just 5 colors you can create hundreds of different shades.

The glitter can be used to add highlights to your paint work.

The kit also comes with a brush.





It is safe


Rainbow Glow uses specially formulated ingredients that are safe for both children and adults. We only use pigments that are FDA approved for cosmetics use. You can be assured that our paint does not contain heavy metals such as Lead, Nickel, Cobalt, Chromium, that can cause skin reaction or health problems.. It was tested by dermatologist and proved to be hypo-allergenic.










It is water-based

Rainbow Glow paints are water-based, meaning they are activated by water. Just dip your brush a little bit in water and then swirl it over the paint until you get the right consistency. Load your brush with paint covering the full bristles. When using sponge, squeeze out the extra water before brushing the sponge over the paint.


It does not smear.

Rainbow Glow paint will stay on your skin longer than other water-based face and body paint brands. When applied properly, your design will stay intact without smearing.


It is easy to wash-off

Rainbow Glow paint can be easily washed off with water and soap. It does not leave any unsightly mark or color on your skin.


It has many uses 

Rainbow Glow face and body paints can be used in just any face and body painting work: Birthday parties, Halloween, Festivals and Celebrations, Cosplay, Sports Events and many more.




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