Cosplay is not only for grownups, kids can enjoy them too!

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Nope, cosplay is not only for grownups, kids can enjoy them too. What it takes is only to have awesome and inventive grownups to assist them. Kids generally would like to dress up, specially with characters they are familiar with. Popular among cosplayers are anime and manga characters, but you’ll see a lot of super heroes and popular movie characters as well. Costumes can be made-to-order though it may be a bit expensive. However, there are a lot of shops selling or renting out costumes for kids. They also have hair dresses and other props to complete the effect. If you cannot find the exact outfit that you want, you can always mix and match. Just be creative but make sure the child is comfortable with it. Not too loose nor too tight.

And what is cosplay costume without makeup to complete it. Though professional makeup is usually used, face paint can be an alternative. It is cheaper than makeup and easy to wash off. Find a face paint that is safe for kids, like the Rainbow Glow Face Paint.  It is water-based so it won’t smear easily. Kids love to touch their faces quite often so keep the makeup simple and avoid false lashes as it may irritate the eye. If you need to use temporary hair highlighter make sure it is safe for kids and choose the one that comes off easily with shampoo.

Keep in mind that kids can be very impatient while you are dressing them up or doing the makeup, Entertain them by engaging them in conversation about the character you want them to play. You’ll be surprise how responsive kids can be.

Cosplaying is not only for cosplay events and conventions. It is a great theme for birthday parties and school events too. Check out these really awesome cosplayer kids.

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