Choosing the right supplies for Face and Body painting

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Choosing the right supplies is as important as learning new techniques. Sometimes the right tools and paint can make all the difference to your art work.

So before we go any further, let me share you few important points when choosing your painting supplies.

  1. Not every bottle of paint you see in stores can be used for face and body painting. Craft paints, which are used for normal art works, are not safe to use on skin. Most of them have chemicals that are harmful to skin. Always read the labels carefully. Make sure the paint are FDA approved for skin use.choosing right supplies
  2. “Non-Toxic” does not mean it is definitely safe for skin. It simply means that the paint is not a poison and is safe for humans.
  3. “Hypoallergenic” does not guarantee that the person will not have allergic reaction. Remember that we all do have different tolerance to allergens. This label simply means that it will not cause allergic reaction to most people.
  4. Face and body paints are temporary.They can be washed-off with soap and warm water. However, water-based paints wash off easily than oil-based paints, Also, oil-based paints smear easily.
  5. Glitters can be used to enhance and highlight your design. They can be either dust or gel. Whatever you choose, it should be FDA approved.. Glitter made of polyester is safe. DO NOT USE craft glitter as they can be made of metal and can scratch sensitive skin.
  6. Basic paint colors are Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow. These colors can be mixed together to come up with another color, like Blue and Yellow will give you Green. If you can afford to buy a bigger palette with more colors the better, so you don’t have to do the mixing.
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  7. Choose the right brush. Beginners may need only 3 basic types of brush: pointed brush for outline or fine details, round brush for larger details, and flat brush to pickup multiple colors. Just like any tool, the brush must be comfortable to your grip. As your design become more complicated, your may need brush of different sizes. Generally, brush for face painting can also be used for body painting.
  8. Sponge is used for applying paint to a larger area or for adding base color. It can also be used to apply multiple color in one stroke and to add finishing touches like glitters and gloss.
    choosing right supplies
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  9. Treat your tools with great care. Keep them clean and store properly. There are sanitizing products you can buy to remove germs on the brush and sponge. Brush tubs and holders are great for storing the brush, keeping them dry, and for sorting.


Choosing the right supplies for you may require some experience. You may need to try few brands before you can decide which one works for you best. If you are serious in making face and body painting a career, you may want to invest in more quality tools and paints. The price doesn’t always equate to quality. You may want to shop around and check out what other users say before buying a product.









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