Brush stroke tips for Face Painting

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Learning brush strokes is the first step in creating amazing art work. Brushes come in different shapes and sizes, and they all have different uses. Brushes are the most important tool in your painting kit and knowing when and how to use each of them can save you a lot of time.

Round brushes are the most famous as they work well with any technique. Flat brushes come handy for multi-colored design. There are also liner brushes that can be used for adding fine details. Whatever you use, learning different techniques can help you come up with amazing design with easy brush strokes.

photo credit Kids for Entertainment

These are the basic brush stroke any beginner should learn and perfect. Combination of these strokes will create your design.

  • Dot – Dip the tip of the brush on the paint. Lightly press down the tip on the area to create a tiny dot. Swirl a little bit to create a bigger dot.
  • Line – To create a finer line, just lay the tip of the brush and press lightly. For thicker line lay the brush all the way and press.Alternating thin and think lines create a nice design.
  • Tear Drop –  Press down the brush and drag while release pressure.  Or you can do the reverse tear drop by starting with light press and slowly adding pressure as you drag the brush.
  • Tiger Stripe – start with thin line then slowly pressing the brush down while creating a curve.
  • Swirl and Curve – Combination of thin and thick line slowly curving it.
  • Starburst – Start with a dot and flick the brush in different directions. A pointed tipped brush works better with this stroke.

These strokes look better if you paint them in groups in different sizes. As you become more expert in these basic brush strokes, you will realize that different brush types and sizes can actually enhance your design.


Here is videos to show the step by step instruction.

Video credit to Howcast


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